FrankoThis dynamic D.J. from the Greenwich Town area of Kingston 13 was inspired by the many musical giants in the community during the 80′s such as Derick Morgan, Max Romero, Johnny Clark and Prince Allah. After leaving school he began to DJ with Presto Mix and Express mix. He recorded his first song, “Jah Got To Be The One”, in combination with D.J. Matlock for Derrick Morgan (Hop) record label. This led him to record a number of songs for Charmax Record label which gave him radio show exposure. His talent was such that he was on all the major shows in the late 90′s including the Junior Reid Birhday Bash and the Roots F.M. yearly shows.

In 2003 he started his own label, (Speak the Truth) and continues to record for himself with a number of songs that have kept him in the public eye. After winning, “What’s the Verdict” on Roots F.M. with the song “Badness” in 2005 his presence continues to be felt across the island. In 2009 he has hooked up with Corod Tuggy Tuggy Robinson, his present manager with whom he has made a video of his song “Badness” which will be ready for the commercial market this summer, 2010.

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