Jah Mike

Jah MikeJah Mike is one of early Dance Hall’s most exciting performers who sounds as fresh today as when he began in the early 70′s.This talented DJ from the Greenwich tow area was one of the early pioneers of the early dance hall explosions from the 70′s. He performed with Peter Rankin and Barrington Levy during this time which helped to establish himself. His many recordings for Channel One brought his status as a bonafide artist to a true level where he was on all the major shows during the 70′s and 80′s. His hit, “Jump the Fence”, was and still is a staple in the Dance Halls. Touring Europe in 2002 saw this exciting performer creating waves across the continent and furthering him as a favorite for dance hall music.

Returning to Jamaica in 2005 he produced his first L.P. which contained all of his previous hits as well as some new material which were embraced by the Dance Hall masses. 2010 will see this enduring performer with King Shark creating a number of songs that will be released this summer.

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