Phillip Fraser

Phillip Fraser was born 1951 in the Whitfield Town area in Kingston. During his late teens he felt the inspiration of Rastafari and joined the Rastafarian community. He was influenced and inspired to sing by the late Slim Smith. His debut was for the Libra label with “This Time”. He and Bertram Browm founded the legendary Freedom Sounds label, an imprint that was designed to promote forthright dealings in the industry and it enrolled top-class performers including Earl Zero, Michael Prophet, Sammy Dread, Prince Allah, Rod Taylor and Soul Syndicate. He also founded other labels such as Roots Tradition, which he set up with Don Mais. The Cornerstone label was founded with Michael chin and Tyrone Hailey. By 1978, he toured Europe and the USA, he linked up with Silver Camel Sound System at the Club in London Oxford Street. The label released the 10 inch EP “Blood Of The Saint” in 1980, and released his compilation album “Loving You”. . When Fraser returned to Jamaica he recorded for Henry “Junjo” Lawes and Barry Clarke. His hit was “Please Stay” and “When I Run Out” which both featured heavily on U Roy’s Stur Gav Sound System. Throughout the 80s and 90s he enjoyed more hits such as , “Good Morning Mr Officer”, “Bad Boys” and more. Phillip’s small frame and gentle manner belie the power of his voice, as you listen to him you can hear and feel the inspiration that guides him. Phillip shares with you the pureness of his heart and lifts you on high to exalt H.I.M. and all that is good. “Keep listening to good music, for it soothes the heart and stimulates the mind. Let the music vibes flow.” -- Phillip Fraser

Phillip_Fraser -- Everyday Is A Holiday

Phillip Fraser -- I’ll Be Lonely

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