U Mike

U MikeThis cultural DJ from the Cockburn Pen area got into the music industry while being a regular on the U. Roy sound system Stur-gacv during the 70′s and 80′s.
In 1983 he recorded “Tribute to the Fisherman” which gave him good local exposure.

Then in 1990 he recorded several tracks for Lloyd Jackson 7th Street music that included, “Rock Steady” and “Have a Love”, which helped to strengthen his blooming career.

During the early 2000′s this artist was busy performing all over Jamaica spreading his energy and satisfying his fans. Now working with Alphanso Hencle Wood and Montego Records much is expected of him.

He is one of the post reggae foundation artists who gets better with the passing years.

U Mike -- Violence Inna Da  Street

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